John Carpenter's The Ward


Carpenter is on form with this back-to-basics chiller

The Ward review

Psychos are the victims in Carpenter's first film since 2001, an institutionalised B-movie horror that pivots on a neat conceit: Girl, Interrupted with a zombiespook. 

Amber Heard plays an amnesiac arsonist banged up in a psych unit where bad things happen after dark. 

Is something wicked stalking the corridors or is it all just a collective delusion? 

Carpenter makes the most of the ‘60s setting – all electro-shock therapy and a One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest vibe – and delivers a scattering of well-crafted jump-frights. 

For a horror pro long off the boil, this back-to-basics outing simmers nicely.

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