This one is about motorbikes not a car called Kit

“It’s a pretty bizarre little movie,” surmises Ed Harris in an interview included on this Knightriders restoration.

“It’s unlike anything George did or has done.” No kidding! Sandwiched between Dawn Of The Dead and Day Of The Dead (via Creepshow), George A. Romero’s medieval motorbike mash-up is a beguiling blend of two-wheelers and tantrums.

Harris is riveting as the king of a medieval re-enactment troupe whose disillusionment and fiery temper threaten to tear his kingdom apart.

At 145 minutes we’re firmly in epic territory, an ideas-stuffed dissection of society with added bike-duels for kicks.

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    • attilajuhasz

      May 3rd 2013, 19:52

      I haven't seen Knightriders in years and I have to agree it is different for Romero, it's not horror, but rather a strong action drama. I need to revisit this film again. Ed Harris and Tom Savini were fantastic. On a side note, George Romero just voiced the lead villain in my newly released game, Zombie Squash. :)

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