Last Action Hero


Are we laughing with Arnie, at Arnie, or not at all?

One of the Governator’s biggest mistakes, a long postmodern in-joke (film and reality blurring, Arnie ‘as’ Arnie, cameo overkill) that just isn’t funny.

With no extras to explain why it all went wrong, there’s no redemption for this particular Hero.

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    • captainchod

      Jan 29th 2010, 15:55


      Pretty underrated! And Charles Dance makes an excellent villain!

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    • fghjk

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    • DanielMcA

      Feb 4th 2010, 18:29


      Captain Chod is right! It is underrated and quite funny in parts. What made most Arniefans uncomfortable was that it broke the 4th wall in a pirandellian conceit that demands contemplation and celebrates irresolute outcomes - a sort of cinematic negative capability. fghjk makes some good points too, although I'm not sure if he ultimately comes down on the film's side or not.

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    • annunziato

      Feb 12th 2010, 17:28


      i really enjoyed this film and found it funny and a clever twist to the genre. when i first saw it upon it's release i didn't get it as i guess i went there expecting a typical arnie action fest, since seeing it again i came to appreciate it on it's own values and with no preconception.

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