Little Fockers


The Fockers are back...again

Little Fockers review

Like an ankle-biting Resident Evil, this familial franchise refuses to die.

The threequel’s predecessors at least shared a ‘meet the parents’ focus – Fockers barely bothers with coherence, tossing together Gaylord Focker’s (Ben Stiller) suspected infidelity, his twins’ birthday party and his ex-CIA dad-in-law’s (Robert De Niro) dicky-ticker issues with sitcom, cringe-com and gross-out broadsides.

Owen Wilson and Laura Dern give good value but like the meds-induced stiffy De Niro endures in one scene, the joke has gone on too long.

Bitty extras include a montage of every ‘Focker’ gag from the series. There’s a lot.

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