Love And Other Drugs


Sickly romcom, in more than one way...

Love and Other Drugs review

“Used to be you get naked, you get nominated...” sighed Oscar host Anne Hathaway, referring to Ed Zwick’s earnest flesh-flasher. 

At first glance, this slick romcom has everything Oscar loves: corporate drug-pusher Jake Gyllenhaal bares his soul (and more) to Hathaway’s pill-popping Parkinson’s sufferer in an issues-based drama where love conquers all. 

On repeat viewing, however, the copious nudity distracts from a schizophrenic tone that pings from sex comedy to weepie in the blink of an eye, while the ending will either have you reaching for the Kleenex or a bucket. 

Extras are short and thesp-y.

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