Gerard Depardieu plays a dominatrix's assistant in Barbet Schroeder's upmarket kink-fest

In Barbet Schroeder’s upmarket kink-fest a brash young provincial lad (Gérard Depardieu) invades the apartment of a classy Parisian dominatrix (Bulle Ogier), who takes him on as her assistant and bedfellow.

Back in 1976 it alarmed the UK censor (“a bizarre and depressing experience,” noted one examiner), and was heavily cut for a limited release. Today, even totally uncut, it seems gentle, almost cosy.

Ogier is rather too fluffy to convince as a domme, and her attachment to Depardieu’s character never rings true. Fine performances, though, from the team of real-life masochists Schroeder recruited via a genuine Parisian domme.

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