Cage and Cher believe in love...

A delicious reminder of the days when Cher earned plaudits for her onscreen chutzpah rather than her showbiz longevity, this charming comedy show her at her warm and supple best.

Beautifully playing off Nicolas Cage’s grandstanding lovelorn performance in 1987’s Moonstruck, her turn as the earthy and forthright Brooklyn widow Loretta is subtly underplayed (it’s all in the eyes), but opens up to their comically chancy love affair like a flower.

It’s a heck of a memory jog: Cage and Cher were both deft, Oscar-worthy players long before he made National Treasure and she became a national treasure.

Twenty-five years on, this big-hearted romcom retains a bittersweet, wisecracking realism about love despite its fair share of schmaltzy moments.

Chief purveyor of this pragmatic edge is Olympia Dukakis’ wry, betrayed mother – who greets Loretta’s proclamation of “Ma, I love him awe-ful,” with a resigned “Oh God, that’s the worst!”

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