Mr Popper's Penguins


An inheritance of 6 penguins. Lets see how this p-p-p-plans out

JIM CARREY MAKES AN ABORTIVE STAB AT bolstering his waning box-office appeal with a sappy kids’ flick that requires his uptight New Yorker to play reluctant nursemaid to six inherited penguins. Wacky shenanigans inevitably ensue, his fish-munching pals predictably turning him into both a better father and a more considerate developer of venerable Manhattan properties.

Mark Waters’ update of a ’30s literary favourite has CG mayhem a plenty plus a pleasing Ophelia Lovibond as a PA with a penchant for p-words. If only it had laughs – something you’d think would be a given with Carrey back in Ace Ventura’s ballpark.

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