New Moon


The Twilight Saga has a bad hair day…

Funnily enough, Robert Pattinson’s favourite book of the Twilight series is the one he’s barely in. But don’t fret, R-Pattz fans.

This two-discer’s ‘Edward Fast-Forward’ extra whizzes through the film, stopping only at the bits featuring Pattinson and cutting out all those other pesky, irrelevant scenes in between. Boiling down the overlong 130-minute runtime to half an hour, it might be the ultimate cut of New Moon.

Despite the haircut and the high-protein diet, Taylor Lautner (as werewolf Jacob) proves an undercooked sub for Pattinson’s Cullen, failing to whisk up the first movie’s tortured frisson as he attempts to fill the void in Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) life.

More love-sick puppy than wounded manimal, Lautner lets his abs do the acting while he fumbles any dramatic heavy lifting. Having piloted The Golden Compass on to the rocks, director Chris Weitz loses his battle with Stephenie Meyer’s plotless second novel.

And in a movie where nothing happens for two hours, why not have 18 minutes of deleted scenes (“None of them are crucial,” explains Weitz) and 31 minutes of extended scenes? (“Why are they extended?” asks Weitz. “Because you demanded more...”)

Like New Moon itself, this DVD is mostly sweet nothings (screaming vox-pops, music videos, naff interviews). Thankfully, the 65-minute Making Of serves up a meaty behind-the-scenes look that doesn’t evaporate like one of Bella’s visions.

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