Ong Bak 3


Tony Jaa comes back for a third installment of his Thai fighter franchise...

Thai fighter Tony Jaa returns for the third entry in his martial arts saga.

Picking up directly from where historical prequel Ong-Bak: The Beginning left off, Ong-Bak 3 sees Jaa’s Tien escaping near-death to hunt down the tyrannical ‘Crow Ghost’ (Dan Chupong) and save his village.

Tenuous links aside (clue: it’s all about the sacred statue of the title), this stodgy effort bears little resemblance to the blistering, modern-day original – a greater focus on Bhuddist philosophy (as expounded by Jaa and co on the limited extras) leaves little room for the sort of bone-crunching, no-frills set-pieces that first brought Jaa to our attention.

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