Full throttle cannibalistic horror in the woods...

Primal review

Reckon Picnic At Hanging Rock would’ve benefited from some cannibal action? Then Oz tyro Josh Reed’s regressive but pleasingly gung-ho schlocker is for you.

Young hotties check out rock paintings in the bush, only for their lead strumpet to develop an infection that turns her into a beastie, prompting some hand-wringing (should her friends kill her?) and flesh-tearing.

The result is a sabre-toothed Cabin Fever, but what Reed lacks in originality and depth he compensates for in gusto, splashing black humour and CG nastiness on the path to the Final Girl’s eloquent last word.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 28th 2011
  • Genre

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