Red Riding Hood


An emo fairytale...

Red Riding Hood review

Turning from pasty, brooding vampires to pasty, brooding werewolves, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke retells the classic bedtime story as a gothic teen soap opera.

A hammy Gary Oldman tries out for this year’s panto season, while wide-eyed Amanda Seyfried pouts over which of her moussed-up boyfriends are moonlighting as a bloodthirsty devil dog.

With so much potential, Hardwicke could have made a fairytale horror à la Sleepy Hollow. But when the CG wolf starts talking and the emo kids bust a few medieval moves at a campfire rave, it feels more like a bad day at Dawson’s Creek.

Blu-ray is extras-stacked; DVD offers deleted scrap.

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