Rome:The complete collection


The all-stabbing, all-shagging glory that was Rome...

Returning to this masterful combination of meticulous BBC craft mixed with attention-grabbing HBO production gloss and sexed-up historical intrigue (now rendered perfectly crisp in senses-overloading, eye-boggling HD), it’s impossible to find anything wrong with it. An adherence to historical accuracy never once hobbles the action with any
degree of dry academic intonation. Neither do the censor-baiting levels of jaw-flooring bloody violence, habitual genital flaunting, Olympic-standard profanity and pervasive
atmosphere of moral turpitude in any way exaggerate the slave-shagging, nationenslaving, treacherous cauldron of backstabbing, adulterous intrigue that was
Ancient Rome.


Serial drama simply doesn’t get any better than this – extraspacked, easy on the eye, essential.

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