Saw VI

This latest sequel is just more of the same

Despite its timely commentary on health insurance, this latest sequel is just more of the same. The Blu-ray releases are as formulaic as the movies: the hi-def encode and 7.1 lossless audio are excellent, while the featurettes and commentaries are as unadventurous as ever.

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  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
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    • NMM1310

      Jul 19th 2010, 17:45


      This is not the blu-ray dvd review (having seen the movie at the cinema and owning it on dvd) Having watched all the other saw movies and before this one number 4 was the best one i belive. But after watching the 6th saw movie this is the best one i belive having a good plot line and not being preditable. But if you have never seen any of the saw movies you should watch the other 5 before watching this 1 to understand the plot of Jigsaw/John Kramer. This has the most gore of all the saw movies and is not for people who dislike horror movies or gore . But in my review this the best saw movie of all of them and disapointed to see there is only one saw movie left (Not a fan of the title and unsure about what 3D will do for the series as the others i all in 2D)

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