Shaun Of The Dead


Pegg and Frost turn the air Blu…

Life isn't too good for Shaun (Pegg). He lives with his best friend Ed (Frost), neglects his girlfriend Liz (Ashfield) and despises his step-dad (Nighy). When Liz dumps Shaun, he vows to get his life back on track. Unfortunatly, this is the day that the dead has decided to come back to life. With a cricket bat and Ed by his side, Shaun sets out to rescue those he loves and those he doesn't love, and heads to the safest place he knows...the Winchester.

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    • bryanross1985

      Mar 21st 2010, 19:34


      To say that Shaun of the Dead is a modern comedy classic is wrong. To say that it is a classic comedy is wrong. To say that it is a classic film, yeah, that sounds about right. So how did I justify that statement? I must have seen this film at least 20 times and it improves with each viewing. How many films can do that? With a decent romantic plot, laugh out loud comedy and gruesome horror, this film has it all. With performances raging from good (Lucy Davis) to great (everyone else) and subtle special effects, this is contemporary British cinema at its finest. Not bad for what was only supposed to be a silly comedy.

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    • Filmsrock

      Aug 19th 2013, 18:33


      Best. Film. Ever!

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