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Keanu Reeves investigates the film vs digital debate

Film or digital? Photochemical or pixels?

This fascinating Keanu Reeves fronted doc looks at the changing shape of cinematography, as various experts mull the pros and cons of old and new tech.

Which is best for capturing the image? Manipulating it in post-production? Archiving it?

If that sounds dry, Reeves and writer/director Chris Keneally ensure the A-list interviewees (Nolan, Soderbergh, Scorsese, Cameron, Lucas) keep it lively and largely jargon-free.

Best anecdote? David Fincher, remembering on Zodiac how Robert Downey Jr. protested at the constant shooting digital allows for by leaving jars of urine on the set.

Hours of extended chats bulk up this double-discer.

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