Snow White & The Huntsman


Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart battle for the 'fairest of them all' crown

It might be the elephant in the room but – rightly or wrongly – Snow White & The Huntsman is more likely to be remembered for its off-screen antics than its on-screen ones.

Unfortunate, that, but Rupert Sanders’ supposedly revisionist fairytale doesn’t do itself any favours.

Overly long, largely humourless and ticking off pretty much every fantasy movie cliché in the storybook, SWATH is bursting with visual inventiveness but seriously lacking in heart.

Once upon a time, Kristen Stewart’s beautiful princess is forced into exile when her father is murdered by her evil stepmother, Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Aided by Chris Hemsworth’s eponymous brute and eight tough-as-nails dwarves, K-Stew plots to overthrow the witch and reclaim her kingdom…

It’s well-trodden territory, but Theron sizzles as the youth-sucking super-bitch, while Hemsworth cuts a dash as the rugged, axe-swinging Huntsman.

Trouble is, aside from a passable English accent, there’s nothing convincing about Stewart’s White - a heroine that somehow morphs from frail young beauty to armour-plated avenger in the space of five minutes.

Yes, the artistic flourishes are impressive - Theron bathing in a vat of milk, glass soldiers smashing into smithereens…

But Sanders’ tedious fable is all style, very little substance. DVD extras include a chat-track and a featurette on the film’s dwarves, while the Blu-ray offers more insight into the film’s lavish production.

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