A punishingly grim Aussie thriller

Based on the ‘Bodies in Barrels’ murders committed by John Bunting and cohorts, Snowtown shoots in real places (just north of Adelaide) with  actual residents.

Bunting, brilliantly played by Daniel Henshall, is a terrifying presence, and the crimes – sometimes recreated obliquely, sometimes protractedly – are punishing to witness.

But Justin Kurzel’s debut is most impressive at painting a grim portrait of a community ravaged by poverty, drugs and violence.

The toughest Oz offering since The Boys, Snowtown also shares themes with Animal Kingdom – minus genre trappings. Extras unavailable.

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    • ferrns

      Mar 20th 2012, 1:10

      This movie is incredible. The final scene and shot is phenomenal.

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    • Heisenberg

      Apr 5th 2012, 13:09

      Watched this last night. biggest waste of 2 hours i have used in a long time. Its way too slow and way too boring. The main antagonist is pretty good in that 'he is your big brother so you do what he says' kinda way when you were a kid, but everyone in the movie seems to be afraid of him, for no reason. For such a touching subject, its just boring, there is no tense feeling or build up as the movie progresses and it just doesnt go anywhere emotionally i dont think. The guy who plays jamie really ruins it with his, lets face it, awful acting, and you dont feel drawn into his world or his pain, you just think 'grow a set of balls and tell him to f**k off'.

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