Sucker Punch


Snyder does grindhouse for Generation Xbox.

Sucker Punch review

Level 1: Zack Snyder obviously plays a lot of videogames.

From the glowing eyes of Killzone 2’s Helghasts to the stiletto-heeled action of Bayonetta, the detritus of past gaming worlds litters Sucker Punch.

It’s a visually explosive, deliriously hormonal ode to the delights of twiddling your joystick. Think Maxim meets Edge magazine.

Level 2: Detractors will tell you that Punch is a mash-up so over-mashed it’s virtually pureed.

It doesn’t exactly endear itself to being taken seriously: lingerie catalogue lovelies lollop about dreary brothels and grubby loony bins; pouting jailbait heroine Baby Doll (Emily Browning) dreams up escape fantasies like she’s just spine-jacked into an eXistenZ fleshpod.

At a time when games are maturing, Snyder drags it back to the pubescent ghetto. (Wet) dreams are made of this...

Level 3: But at least he’s got stones. Big, eff-off boulders, in fact. Sucker Punch’s audacious music-video visuals and thunderous set-pieces involving clockwork German trench fighters and Middle-earth dragons are stunners.

Boss fight: Then there’s the theme, a dissection of videogames as adolescent empowerment fantasies that’s far smarter than any blockbuster B-movie featuring chicks in crop tops deserves.

It’s no Inception, but neither is it that friggin’ owl flick.

Bonus round: Blu-ray 1-ups DVD with extra mayhem plus Picture-in- Picture intel.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Mar 2nd 2012, 13:05

      I would go as far as saying... it's the worst film of all time.. but you can't even call it a film.. its a 90 minute trailer for a game that you don't want to play. 3 stars? Hang those heads in shame please

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