Tamara Drewe


Stephen Frears attempts a raunchy rural comedy

Tamara Drewe review

Not so much an Aga-saga as a Viagra-saga, Stephen Frears’ knowing, glossy but fatally unfocused rural romp can’t decide whether it’s a sex farce, social satire or middle-class melodrama, but has fun trying to find out.

It fizzes when Gemma Arterton’s luscious, self-absorbed vamp is juggling the attentions of a moody drummer (Dominic Cooper), sulking handyman (Luke Evans) and devious crime writer (Roger Allam).

But it fizzles when poking predictable fun at sleepy village life – apart from Tamsin Greig’s betrayed wife, the characters can’t shake off the cartoonish vibe of Posy Simmonds’ graphic novel.

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