The Act Of Killing


Facing and recreating history

Surreal, bracing and unnerving, Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary takes us deep into Indonesia and face to face with some of those responsible for the wave of mass killings in the mid-1960s.

Asked to re-enact their crimes in the genres of their choice (western, gangster, musical…), the now-elderly killers betray no shame or teary reluctance, just a gleeful pride as they recreate the gruesome horror like schoolboys with a video camera.

Oppenheimer’s film is a sometimes agonising journey into the heart of darkness that cosies you up to true evil in a way that’s hard to shake off.

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    • donnyduke

      Nov 24th 2013, 12:38

      Have Uncovered Justice (a poem review of the film The Act of Killing) All laid bare by boundless sight. More than anything else, You’re a doctor. Colleges sit what you’re sayin’ – I don’t talk to you. Shows it’s emergency. When it’s difficult Leave your foot in water. Bodies in there bound. No, Nobody’s gotten away. Where is the terminão? Just wait. You can go that way, That fill up: g*****n they pay. How many places they got here? What does owe about it tell? What do you mean? Start some good work, Definitely: I’m trapped; I begin to feel it. Consider (What is his name, Payment?) Identity card Medication, Technology, Your source of emergency, The bringer of justice. What do you mean nothin’? They will fit the pair of shoes They wear on punishment. I might tell ‘er: See you can’t Escort a cop? Punishment’s all intoxicating. It loses reality at the front door. One more time: Pain it, No it doesn’t, Put empathy in your heart, Understand? The bad man don’t matter, That’s the attitude. It was such a hidden mistake Now we’re seein’ The killer in touch with his empathy. Listen teachers this is what they’re talkin’ about so much. Just showed it to ‘im Function. What?! Wait a minute, My orders were up front: Everbody, There’s this bad guy… Relatively new Letting him speak. Girl for surgery arrived. You, didn’t let ‘er on the sofa. If they’re sorry I wanna know. How long I’ve waited to hear that. It grew. Suddenly They live inside me At peace. Exhibition Put forth: I’m gonna pay for this, Without a law arrangin’. I’m not scoldin’ you. I’m not playin’ with you. Brilliant, That good are dangerous. Did you see my poetry site? Watch it A,B,C,D,E On the net. Use a parachute. I’m an actor. You sure got a big nose. You ain’t seen nothin’; See my heart. May I see yours? (poetry site The Atomic Review)

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