The Conversation Special Edition


Good cop, great cop...

The Godfather. Apocalypse Now. A vintage bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the Coppola winery.

Francis Ford Coppola is well-known for a lot of things, but The Conversation and The Outsiders probably aren’t top of the list. Thankfully, these two oft-overlooked films are finally getting their due on Blu-ray with gold-plated, extras-heavy packages.

Winner of Cannes’ Palme d’Or, The Conversation is the one of Coppola’s finest. It’s an arthouse thriller following Gene Hackman’s surveillance ace, who uncovers what he believes is a murder plot. Capturing the paranoia of Watergate America, it’s a masterpiece of conspiracy theory cinema.

Hackman is brilliant as the mistrusting wire-tapper Harry Caul (“The best bugger on the West Coast”), who’s driven to madness searching for The Truth in a world where truth has become subjective.

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