The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2


DC's finest get drawn together

Every Batman director for the past two decades (apart from Joel Schumacher...) has paid lip-service to Frank Miller’s epochal comic-book The Dark Knight Returns, but no one has actually tried to put it on the screen.

Until now, that is. This tardy two-part animated adap finds Bruce Wayne a greying fiftysomething, several decades free of his superhero duties.

But when Two-Face (now, rather boringly, “one-face”) returns with a gaggle of muscled mutants, Bruce decides to don the cape again.

Unfortunately the film has everyone looking like they’re pumped up on steroids – undercutting the whole point that they’re getting old.

Peter Weller, though, makes a suitably weary Batman and Michael emerson, while low on crazy, is a delectably oily Joker. 

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