The Ghost


Roman Polanski's crafty, insidious thriller...

On an island off the US Eastern seaboard, a British ex-PM needs a new ghost writer to help with his memoirs. The ex-premier can’t leave, for fear he may be hauled up for his involvement in the Iraq war – and the writer’s predecessor died inmurky circumstances.

Roman Polanski’s insidious thriller isn’t top rate, but it’s crafty, intelligent and rich with atmosphere. Ewan McGregor’s a touch dull as the ‘ghost’, but Pierce Brosnan does a fine job of hinting at Tony Blair without clumsy impersonation, and Tom Wilkinson turns in a relishable cameo.

Meanwhile, Olivia Williams, playing the politico’s restless wife, all but walks off with the movie.

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    • haddock22

      Sep 20th 2010, 17:39


      saw this on a plane and thought it was excellent only ruined by ewan mcgregors laid back nondescript sleepwalking ghost writer. has he ever been good in a role apart from trainspotting which was about 15 years ago?

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    • sully5live

      Sep 20th 2010, 18:05


      Yeah, McGregor talks like Ricky Gervais in this one - at least he doesn't do the laugh as well :-) The plot is pretty standard but gripping enough nonetheless. Worth seeling (if you're not boycotting Polanski).

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