The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


Stiller's still in a dream world...

Advertising's a funny thing – you can see all the tricks, keep yourself at one remove, then go out and buy Nike anyway.

TSLOWM functions on a similar level, building brand awareness and delivering key messaging, only this time, instead of running shoes, the core product is syrupy self-improvement for director/star Ben Stiller’s meek office worker, who elaborately daydreams of a more exciting life.

You keep expecting a logo to pop up at the end of every scene, but that said, it damn well works.

The mode of uplift and fantasy it’s selling may be indistinguishable from high-end ads, but you have to admire the professionalism.

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    • jaykays hat

      May 9th 2014, 13:01

      Great Picture quality but it bored me and I fell asleep before the end, I had to rewind it and then wished I hadn't bothered using the energy of picking up the remote control.

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