The Sound Of Music: 45th Anniversary Edition


The one Trapp you can never escape…

Sound of Music review

Like Marmite and Tony Blair’s memoirs, The Sound Of Music is something that polarises opinion.

You’re either with irascible critic Pauline Kael, who lambasted it as a “sugar-coated lie”, or it’s a sing-along classic filled with picture-postcard locations and heartlifting showtunes sung by adorable matching Tyrolean urchins. Both true, to a degree.

The chemistry is palpably electric between the wonderfully clipped Christopher Plummer, as stern patriarch Georg von Trapp, and Julie Andrews’ Maria, the busybody governess.

Famed for its chocolate-tin photography, it is rendered here so pristine, that viewing may require welding goggles. Even director Robert Wise’s über-professionalism can’t avoid self-indulgence as the film heads for the three-hour mark.

Many extras are repeated from the 40th Anniverary Edition – but everything ever said about The Sound Of Music has been hoovered up, from 1974 footage of the real Maria von Trapp teaching Julie Andrews to yodel, to a vast 1985 documentary on composers Rodgers & Hammerstein.

New add-ons include the interactive Backlot Tour, and the epic Your Favourite Things mode of trivia pop-ups, PiP commentary and interactive quizzes almost as overwhelmingly rich as the film.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 8th 2010

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    • mplo42

      Sep 12th 2011, 16:55


      I saw the 45th Anniversary of the film Sound of Music, in a movie theatre not far from where I presently live, during the national re-release of this film shortly before it came out in Blu-Ray. It was wonderful to watch in a cleaned up, remaster re-print of TSOM, but it doesn't hold the same special place in my heart regarding movies as West Side Story.

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