The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


The Bedward affair gets back on track…

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We all know the drill. Bella (Kristen Stewart, solid), an average girl, is in love with Edward (Robert Pattinson, solid), a vampire with dreamy eyes and great hair.

As Eclipse begins, they’ve resolved their relationship’s teething problems (apologies) but are still far from angst free.

Edward wants Bella to make him an honest man. Bella wants Edward to make her a vampire. Both are reluctant.

There’s also the issue of Bella’s shirt-shy werewolf admirer Jacob (Taylor Lautner, trying his best), who’s forced to work with his love rival to protect Bella from Bryce Dallas Howard’s vampire army.

Cue long, lingering gazes, male posturing a-plenty and the most sexually fraught tent scene since Brokeback Mountain.

Despite director David Slade’s (30 Days Of Night) assured handling, this is undeniable filler, a stopgap to the final installment. It’s significant that the film ends with a reprise of its opening scene – nothing much changes throughout, barring the triangle’s predictable resolution.

Nonetheless, this is a good deal tauter, wittier and darker than New Moon, setting the scene for the saga’s two-pronged finale.

Extras-wise, there’s plenty for Twi-hards to sink their gnashers into, including deleted scenes and a no stone unturned 90-minute Making Of.

A surprising highlight is the R-Pattz/K-Stew chat track, bolstered by the kind of banter and irreverence that are rarely on screen.

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