Liam Neeson keeps a steely composure in this Berlin-based thriller

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Oskar Schindler cements his action credentials in this loopy thriller about an American biochemist involved in a car crash in Berlin, awakening to find his wife (January Jones) is claiming another guy (Aidan Quinn) is him, and having to enlist a plucky Bosnian cabbie (German-born Diane Kruger) to get to the truth.

Think Hitchcock with kung fu and credibility issues. The car chases, shoot-outs and fistfights come right at you, demented plot-twists blindside you at every hairpin turn (Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra made mental-finalrevelation horror Orphan) and Liam Neeson, all granite and gravitas, almost anchors the whole damn thing. Almost.

Disposable extras.

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