What Warwick did post-Jedi, pre-Gervais

Before Ron Howard became an Oscar winner, before Warwick Davis became Ricky Gervais’ muse and before George Lucas sold Darth and Co for a few billion dollars, they joined forces to create one of the best sword and sorcery flicks this side of Mount Doom.

Unfortunately, now that Peter Jackson has shown us the other side, it doesn’t look quite as impressive.

Back in 1988 though, Willow was groundbreaking stuff - notably casting a dwarf as its hero instead of digi-shrinking a more bankable star.

If Star Wars was The Lord Of The Rings in space, Willow is Star Wars in Middle-earth, complete with Vader-like baddies, faltering fellowships, hobbits and Han Solos.

Charged with escorting a baby to a faraway castle to fulfil an evil-quashing prophesy, Willow (Davis) reluctantly sets off with Val Kilmer’s wise-cracking mercenary.

Even in their day, the FX were a bit ropey, with the plasticine dragon looking even worse for wear on the shiny new blu transfer.

The Avatar generation might wrinkle their noses, but Willow remains every inch the Sunday teatime heart-warmer thanks to Lucas’ twinkly eye for adventure.

Kilmer has never topped his performance as the rakish Madmartigan and James Horner’s score rips, roars and adds plenty of swash to the frequently brandished buckles. Extras include old featurettes with new intros and a video diary from the ever-likeable Davis.

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