Wrath Of The Titans


Slightly superior Clash Of The Titans sequel

Saying Wrath is better than its Clash predecessor is like saying WW1 wasn’t as bad as WW2: try telling it to some poor sod who had to sit through it.

If an amazing array of slumming heavyweights (Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston, Bill Nighy) can’t redeem its plot-by-numbers procession from CG set-piece to dreary CG set-piece, what chance has Sam Worthington?

It’s snappier than its forebear, but in the era of Nolan and Prometheus, blockbusters this unambitious just don’t cut it.

Terrific Blu-ray transfer, pointlessly enough, while the in-depth extras are a better watch than the main feature.

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