Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings


The halls have eyes in the fourth entry in the interminable horror series

Leaving the sun-baked backwoods for a snowy asylum, the original home of inbred antagonists Three Finger and co, this wretched effort feels like a rogue script retooled to fit the franchise – and not very well at that.

Following an oversexed Scooby Gang of college students as they get lost, laid and killed, it features cut-price SFX and dreadful performances, but almost gains a star for the line: “They’re eating him alive like some fucked-up fondue!”

The good news: a bleakly witty ending gag and generous extras. The bad: Wrong Turn 5 is on its way.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 27th 2012
  • Genre

User Reviews

    • thedanieljson

      Sep 7th 2012, 20:12

      I still think Wrong Turn 2 is one of the cleverest, funniest, most underwatched horror films ever. Shame about the others.

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