You're Next


Running from the pigs...

On its limited release, Adam Wingard’s home-invasion horror drew comparisons to Scream and The Cabin In The Woods. It could be their scrappy cousin.

Less meta-brainscratcher, more twisty horror-com, You’re Next toys with tropes rather than discussing them to death.

Indie directors Joe Swanberg, Ti West and Larry Fessenden join a cool ensemble as a family gathering is disrupted by a murderous gang who didn’t bank on Sharni Vinson’s resourcefulness.

The gore’s unflinching, the kills inventive and the humour’s funny in a smart way.

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    • daskoyne

      Jan 12th 2014, 13:33

      Kind of fun and entertaining but the script was a bit duff for me. The logic behind some of the characters decisions was ridiculous. It's a 2 star pushing 3 star movie for me, can't help feeling all the great reviews are due to the hip kids involved in it. I saw No One Lives the night after seeing this, I much preferred that.

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