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Charlize Theron turns in a fierce, uncompromised performance

“I personally love her,” says Diablo Cody of her latest off-beat heroine. Meet teen queen turned troubled 37-year-old YA writer Mavis (Charlize Theron), who aims to sabotage her ex’s smug small-town marriage when her life sours.

Slicing into American dreams and disappointments, Cody and director Jason Reitman’s post-Juno pairing resembles Douglas Sirk remixed by Todd Solondz.

Mavis cuts deep, her undiluted dysfunction powered by a Theron turn so fierce it’s a wonder she didn’t score more gong nods.

You’re also left wishing more US indies dared to create female characters so uncompromised. Reitman dishes out a detailed chat-track.

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