Your Highness


An ’80s throwback with knobs on.

Your Highness review

Once upon a time there was a young auteur named David Gordon Green who made art films (George Washington, All The Real Girls) indebted to the swoony poetry of Terrence Malick.

But then one day he went ‘Sod it’ and homaged Krull with added tits and swearing. If anyone mentioned a tree of life here it’d be the cue for a cock gag.

Not that Green and his collaborators – notably star/writer/student pal Danny McBride – need any excuse. Your Highness’ MO is to aim low – it’s an abashed tribute to the nether regions, whether they belong to man or minotaur.

Yet its appeal depends less on your taste for toilet humour, or your fondness for creaky ’80s fantasy flicks (The Beastmaster, Ladyhawke, Hawk The Slayer, Willow) than on your tolerance for McBride.

If you find him obnoxious, oafish and not as funny as he thinks he is, avoid. If you find him all of the above but also strangely, childishly endearing, grab a pew.

McBride plays medieval layabout Thadeous, who joins older, cooler brother Fabious (James Franco) on a quest for the latter’s new bride (Zooey Deschanel), who’s in the snarky clutches of wizard Leezar (standout Justin Theroux).

It’s ramshackle and repetitive, but good-natured, good-looking and hot on detail, closer (but not too close) to Monty Python than Meet The Spartans.

Plus it’s got Natalie Portman (funnier as a straight arrow than doing kooky in No Strings Attached) as a warrior princess and a hilarious bit where the guys give hand relief to a pervy puppet. Even old Terry’s gonna wanna see that.

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