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It's a very stressy 24hours for likeable rogue Flash

Britdirector Penny Woolcock’s vibrant hip-hop musical follows the rascally Flash (Dylan Duffus), who faces a super-stressful 24 hours when he discovers that gang leader Angel (Yohance Watson) is out of prison and demanding an old debt be repaid.

Woolcock manages to bring her housing estate world to life without moralising or condescension, working in some banging grime and dubstep numbers to make a run-of-the-mill story feel thrillingly of the minute.

Better still, with Flash falling foul of his granny and his three-timed girlfriends, the film has a cheeky comic streak that offsets all the streetwise grandstanding.

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    • taffyw

      Nov 7th 2009, 0:32


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