12 In A Box


A cynical cash-in on Miranda Hart’s current comic success

Writer/director John McKenzie's tale of 12 awful people who must stay in a mansion for 96 hours in the hope of winning £1 million is, essentially, a cynical cash-in on Miranda Hart’s current comic success.

The clues are obvious: it was made in 2007, it features a big ol’ picture of Hart on the poster and, of course, she’s hardly in it.

To her credit, the star’s performance as a furious wife is the best thing here, but you can be sure that this abysmally made, catastrophically clunky attempt at comedy will be something she’d rather forget.

Not unlike the rest of us.

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    • s1monb

      Mar 18th 2013, 23:29

      You say in the review that "she’s hardly in it", but your headline leads with "Miranda Hart stars in this...". You seem just as guilty as the distributors when it comes to misleading the audience.

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