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A warzone thriller without the thrills

There’s room for a decent paranoid thriller about the conflict in Afghanistan, but Tristan Loraine’s film is way off mark.

The title refers to the coordinates of a British military unit in the war torn country, revealed to the enemy by a corrupt PM to keep an arms deal on track.

He hasn’t banked on anyone pulling through though, or on the determination of the survivor’s sister to track down the culprits. Even John Rhys-Davies as the PM struggles to lend gravitas to the comically earnest dialogue and knee-jerk conspiracy theorising.

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    • sarahharding

      Sep 15th 2009, 18:43


      I saw this film at the press release, two words ‘absolute rubbish.’ I have been reviewing films for nearly 20 years, I have only ever walked out of one film, as it was so bad, this was very nearly the second. I have no idea who Tristan Loraine is or how he's managed to direct a feature, but the dialogue was just awful, the editing was slow and felt like it had been edited by school kids or an absolute beginner, its confusing and just an all round bad egg! The photography isn’t any thing special, its ok, but that’s about it. Please don't waste your money seeing this, more importantly don't waste your time.

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