A Few Best Men


Nothing like Jason & Kylie's.

A British-Australian 'comedy' based around a featureless groom (Xavier Samuel as David) and his moronic mates, A Few Best Men is a wedding-com with fewer laughs than most funerals.

Directed by Stephan Elliott (a long way from career highlight Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert), it sees Tim Draxl, Kevin Bishop and Kris Marshall inadvertently turn David’s wedding to Aussie Mia (Laura Brent) into a disaster zone.

Chucking cocaine, sheep shit and a wildly overacting Olivia Newton-John at you, its desperate efforts to ape The Hangover come with but one redeeming feature – it finally ends.

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    • zxcomplex

      Aug 22nd 2012, 12:01

      Hi guys, new here but I feel the need to say WTF. Only 1 star for this movie, has the reviewer had their funny bone surgically removed or something. I watched this film a couple of nights ago and can safely say that there are plenty of laughs to be had here. I agree that this film is no Hangover or Bridesmaids, but it is better than some recent comedies that have received better ratings. For me the highlight is the drug dealing psycho who steals the show raising this film to at least 2.5 stars.

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    • Smack

      Aug 23rd 2012, 16:14

      Have to agree with the review only I wouldn't give it any stars, one of the worst comedy's I have ever seen, it was a predictable, clunky, far fetched mess of a movie, the acting was bad, there was no chemistry between the actors, all the gags were forced and even the soundtrack disappointed, the film is a straight to DVD job and even then I think it will struggle.

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