A Perfect Getaway


"Like looking at an annoying relative’s holiday snaps".

With its photogenic stars, gorgeous scenery and skinny-dipping supermodels, writer/director David Pitch Black Twohy’s sun-kissed serial-killer thriller should make for undemanding escapism.

Not so. The first hour, in which honeymooners Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich schlep around Hawaii with Timothy Olyphant’s bushman, is like looking at an annoying relative’s holiday snaps.

The numerous red herrings and screenwriting in-jokes don’t help either.

Then, before you can say ‘plot hole’, the mood shifts from boredom to disbelief as a crazy-assed climax erupts from nowhere – a memorably mental end to an otherwise exasperating trip.

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    • captainchod

      Mar 2nd 2010, 13:59


      Goes for tension for three quarters of the film. And despite having guessed the twist when I saw the trailer, it was still a fun enough last act, despite being utterly ridiculous!

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    • aigreen

      Dec 1st 2010, 2:49


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