An earthquake hits Chile, and Eli Roth gets in on the action

Stupid, spluttery fun from Eli Roth, who wrote, produced and stars in this assholes-abroad schlocker. 

Roth’s character – nicknamed Gringo – and two equally obnoxious over-aged man-children head to Santiago, Chile for a booze ’n’ broads excursion when a “mega-quake” hits, destroying the city and turning its denizens into rape-and-murder-happy psychopaths. 

Will our scurrilous trio survive? 

Probably not, and that’s the fun part about Aftershock: it gleefully chops its cast down in increasingly alarming and brutal ways. 

There’s some ugly misogyny to contend with, and the first half hour of bros-on-the-town antics are pretty painful. 

But it’s worth it for the hair-raising, shoot-the-hostages mayhem of the final reels.

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