Aliens In The Attic


Unimaginative alien caper will entertain young ones but few else

A group of bumbling but bloodthirsty aliens dip their reptilian toes into the Earth-conquering business when they land in a sleepy Michigan town and take on a vacationing family.

It’s down to nerdy son Tom (Carter Jenkins) and his potato-gunwielding cousins to thwart the rather meagre extra-terrestrial menace.

Marred by cheapjack CGI and poor character design (the squishy-faced critters look like they came out of a cereal packet, not outer space), this very kid-centric caper is numbingly mediocre, listlessly pitting its mind-controlling antagonists against humans who are nearly braindead anyway.

Save for a martial arts sequence involving granny Doris Roberts and a highly amusing turn from Kevin Nealon (TV’s Weeds) as the befuddled, nonsequitur- spewing dad, there’s really nothing new here.

Younger kids will chortle over the low-brow gags, but High School Musical worshippers will be miffed to find that Ashley Tisdale’s role is minimal.

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    • Dalekbuster523

      May 31st 2010, 17:33


      Like it or not,Total film,this film is a exciting adventure based in a holiday home where things are about to go extra-terrestial. The music used is beautiful.Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify and believe me,you'll find a dozen tracks you like. The acting is perfect.The children and the old woman who plays the Nan are the best at acting whilst the Adults need to take a leaf out of their book. The plot is exciting.I mean,Aliens who land on a holiday home and end up in Attic?A ninja Nan?A tiny alien who is enlarged and goes from tiny to massive?What more could you ask more?Most of the plot is unpredictable but their are a few scenes that are. The comedy has been nicely written in and totally unpredicatble.There is not one bit that can leave you feeling bored.This film is nearly perfect and should be a 21st century classic.

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