All Stars


Another banal Brit-flick featuring talent-show tweens

Some day, God willing, there will be a moratorium on films about plucky kids putting on talent shows to save their schools/parks/yoof centres from predatory developers.

Until then we are doomed to get movies like this, a naff slice of urban wish-fulfilment in which tween misfits set aside their differences to prevent the bulldozers destroying their preposterously drug, crime and trouble-free hangout.

Ashleys Jensen and Walters are among the adults who look on benignly in a banal, corny Brit-pic that’s sure to be laughed out of cinemas by its target audience.

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    • twogoonsmedia

      Apr 29th 2013, 22:23

      I've seen All Stars three times and at all three venues the target audience absolutely loved the movie. You could hear a pin drop during Ethan's scene stealing heart to heart with his estranged father. This movie may have streetdancing in it, but it's a world away from Streetdance, Step up etc. Origami Samurai warriors? 3D dancing Space invaders fantasy sequences? Pop culture references from Eminem to Starwars... It's a *fantastic kids* movie. To paraphrase Kiss et al, if you don't like it, you're too old (at heart)

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    • matthewbrady

      Sep 11th 2013, 21:47


      This plan is too stupid

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