Avatar Special Edition


The future of cinema is now eight minutes longer…

Avatar Special Edition review

Re-releasing The Biggest Movie Ever is something of a risky move.

With the initial shock and awe of Jim Cameron’s breakthrough visuals now lessened by familiarity, there’s a real opportunity for second-wave audiences to ask if the Emperor is looking a bit underdressed.

For anyone needing a reminder, paraplegic ex-Marine Jake (Sam Worthington) accepts a mining mission on the planet Pandora.

After obtaining his “avatar” body begins to embrace the culture of the indigenous Na’vi, much to the consternation of his military-cum-corporate-lackey superiors.

But what about the new footage? While adding up to a mere eight-ish minutes, it’s surprising what a difference the seamless additions make.

Admittedly the “extended sex scene” is a bit of an anti-climax (pun fully intended), and the addition of new creatures only adds weight to the already saggy middle portion: hunt, chase, repeat...

Other new bits, though, add some much-needed depth to the human vs. Na’vi conflict.

Most crucial is a scene where the Na’vi launch a counterattack following their home’s destruction, which goes a long way to correcting their dubious portrayal in the original as a primitive tribe unable to defend themselves without help from lone white crusader Jake.   

Fundamental problems remain: the dialogue’s short on quotablilty and the characters are hardly classic Cameron.

As for Unobtanium, the writer/director might as well have called it MacGuffinium and had done with it.

But while this new cut won’t convert any naysayers, but does create a richer, more socially textured Pandora in preparation for the planned slew of sequels. 


Avatar die-hard? Go see. Missed it on the big screen? Go see. Never got what the fuss was about? Move along, move along…

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    • HardcoreNinja

      Aug 27th 2010, 13:30

      The fact still remains that the corporation are trying to squeeze the public for every last penny. Do what every other dvd in the world does and put it on the dvd, dont release bonus-less dvd and blu ray hoping that a cinema re-release of the seemingly non-quintessential bonus footage to make even more money. Your not going to increase peoples love of the film, just irritate people further.

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    • DanielMcA

      Sep 23rd 2010, 22:20

      Oh dear, oh dear, Total Film. Dropped a star already. Smells like your Phantom capitulation.

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    • sevdamm

      Feb 25th 2011, 9:50

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