Black Dynamite


Not Another Blaxploitation Movie

Black Dynamite review

After a career on the sidelines, Michael Jai White ascends to lead this superlative send-up of the blaxploitation genre.

As the titular ex-CIA man, White reveals comic talents to match his martial artistry, delivering one-liners and roundhouse kicks with the same killer precision.

A revenge quest that leads from the LA streets to Kung Fu Island and beyond, the plot is a mere hook on which director Scott Sanders hangs an affectionate, painstakingly accurate take-down of genre tropes, from OTT zooms to visible boom mikes.

Some of the gags will be lost on those who don’t know their Shaft from their Super Fly, but for the initiated this is flawless spoofery – see it and spend the rest of the year quoting lines to anyone who’ll listen. Y’dig?

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    • scuzz80

      Aug 7th 2010, 22:07


      Seen this last October at a festival in Dublin. It was the stand out film for the whole festival audience. Bloody hilarious from start to finish. The rest of the week was dominated by random impromptu shrill screams of 'Dynamite..Dynamite!'

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    • narmour1

      Aug 18th 2010, 9:48


      "We're going on a little boat trip to Kung-Fu Island" Great stuff, laugh out loud from start to finish

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    • red157

      Aug 21st 2010, 6:47


      It has its flaws (even under all the intentional ones), but by God if it isn't one of the greatest comedies I've seen in years.

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    • sevdamm

      Feb 25th 2011, 9:59

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