Cheerful Weather For The Wedding


Sub-Downton 1930s period drama

With old flame Joseph (Luke Treadaway) among the guests, it’s no wonder bride-to-be Dolly (Felicity Jones) is having second thoughts in Donald Rice’s slight, 1930s-set drama.

Buckling under the influence of Downton Abbey, Rice apes its style but none of the substance to create an amiable study of posh hypocrisy without any real satire or social feeling.

Instead, the will she/won’t she dynamic, padded out with flashbacks, offers a weightless vision of how beastly love can be.

There’s more to period drama than nice frocks and acerbic asides.

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    • bugmenot

      Dec 21st 2012, 7:52

      I downloaded this movie from moviesfirecom Its awesome movie!

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