Crazy, Stupid, Love


Way better than Eat Pray Love.

Crazy Stupid Love review

Ryan Gosling with a spray tan and a gym membership could sell any movie.

But if girls queue up to witness the fitness, Crazy Stupid Love is really a male-odrama with equal appeal for the fellas.

Your first clue that this movie is more interesting than its title? Not many Hollywood romcoms have more directors than screenwriters.

Deftly knitted together by scribe Dan Fogelman (Tangled) and directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (I Love You Phillip Morris), the plot splinters out of the shattered life of happily married Cal (Steve Carell), who discovers his wife (Julianne Moore) has cheated and wants a divorce.

Cal’s not the only one in a pickle: his son (Jonah Bobo) yearns for the babysitter, the babysitter yearns for Cal and his wife is dating co-worker Kevin Bacon. Enter slick pick-up artist Jacob (Ryan Gosling) to transform Cal from loser into playa.

As Jacob gives Cal a man-over and unleashes him on barfly Marisa Tomei, the script brings the smarts but the cast bring the heart.

Carell’s the sincere everyman wearing his broken heart on his sleeve, while Gosling is effortlessly smooth and, crucially, likeable enough to dodge the character’s in-built sleaze.

You’ll wish it dug a little deeper into its characters – not least Emma Stone, massively cool in an underwritten role – but it’s a romcom that puts smart moves on genre conventions.

It’s a funny movie that tiptoes into serious adult pain, and it’s full of witty touches from Cal’s agonising Velcro wallet to Stone demanding an R-rated sex scene with Gosling. Fair enough – this boy is top-shelf.


Not a bromance, not a girlie romcom, not perfect. But Crazy Stupid Love is funnier, smarter and more touching than your average cut-out-andkeep Hollywood relationship flick.

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    • moviemoments

      Sep 25th 2011, 23:24


      Crazy, Stupid, Love - definitely worth watching especially if you are a Ryan Gosling Fan. He is georgous by the way. ;-) It's a funny movie and we don't get this very often. There is not too much nakedness which is good because it seems Hollywood thinks that this is what makes people laugh these days.

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    • moviemoments

      Sep 25th 2011, 23:41


      it was supposed to be a 4* but only one came up. well I am giving that movie 4 STARS.

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    • Jrdnsans1792

      Sep 30th 2011, 12:36


      A brilliant film full of fantastic performances, easily takes its place as one of the best films of the year. Apart from the magnificent '500 Days Of Summer', this could well be the finest rom-com of the past decade, absolutely fantastic and a definite must see.

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    • FBEXanthopoul

      Jan 21st 2012, 16:17

      4, by Eleni Antonaropoulou I watched this movie three times within a week, two of them during my flight back and forth from London to Athens. Shortly after it had ended for the third time, I realized that if a movie of this mixed genre, comedy-drama-romance still hasn’t bored me after watching it three times in a row, then I should definitely take a closer look at it. The basic story is quite common, but the writer of the movie manages to use some of the all-time classic clichés in an interesting way. The cliché of the long lasting marriage: the middle-aged, married couple with three kids, played by Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, who lose track of happiness like so many others and end up splitting because of an affair. Only this time, the wife is the one that has the affair. In order to get over this tragedy, the husband finds his Pygmalion (another cliché) in Ryan Gosling - a young guy, extremely handsome and very sexy. In a few, short words, the perfect womanizer teaches Steve Carell how to find his lost manhood and transforms him into an attractive man who learns how to pick up women at bars. Among them is Marisa Tomei, his son’s school teacher. The film concludes with another predictable scene that I won’t reveal. Everyone that participates in this movie plays his part brilliantly, from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to Jonah Bobo, Steve Carell’s youngest son. The characters are so real and vivid, just like the dialogue, which has a really clever sense of humour. Also, each story powerfully supports the main idea, and the film succeeds in coming across as a fully completed story. Overall, for me anyway, this movie proves that you may use the same clichés like so many others have done before, but the result won’t necessarily be boring or uninteresting, provided you have a better way to do it. Sometimes all that you need is a twist, and this movie has it. Eleni Antonaropoulou at

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    • matthewbrady

      Jun 20th 2014, 15:15


      All crazy, Some stupid, all of that is love. This movie is about a father finds himself in over his head when he's forced to deal with a marital crisis and maintain the relationship with his children. This movie has a great cast and characters in it, But there are some scenes in the movie when the movie drops into the cliche pool of cliches, You know when one of the Characters found out some thing horrible and then they fall out which each other.

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