Days Of Heaven


Radiant romance in the dusky fields of Texas

Days of Heaven review

Five years after flooring jaws with Badlands (1973), Terrence Malick had them plummeting again with this deceptively simple saga of love and deceit in the Texas wheatfields.

Largely lensed in the window between sunset and nightfall, it’s a magic-hour masterpiece scrubbed to new heights of radiance by this restoration.

Mother Nature’s the star, though Tree Of Life’s exceptional moppet performances are heralded by 16-year-old Linda Manz, guilelessly narrating the grown-ups’ (including Richard Gere) fall into a treacherous three-way romance. Wholly divine.

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    • glegs

      Aug 27th 2011, 10:01


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    • jceaser

      Sep 4th 2011, 0:08

      Saw this a number of years ago, one of the single most soporific movies i have ever endured.

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