Death At A Funeral


Daniel (Matthew MacFadyen) is dreading his father’s funeral, not least because he’s shelling out cash he can ill afford, his more successful brother (Rupert Graves) is sure to overshadow him and various embarrassing relatives are turning up. But a mystery mourner (Peter Dinklage) is about to make his day even worse… Though entirely transparent plot-wise, Frank Oz’s frantic farce tickles thanks to a rapid-fire stream of slapstick gags and gallows humour. Dropped coffins, toilet mishaps and exposed arse-cheeks are dealt with by MacFadyen’s hangdog hero as his best-of-Brit castmates mug entertainingly, while Dinklage deadpans his way to pinch the picture. A patchy but silly caper that will be dead funny (sorry) for anyone who’s recently wrestled with family hysteria. Perfect pre-Christmas fare then.


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  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 2nd 2007
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User Reviews

    • aliceISalive

      Nov 14th 2010, 15:33


      perfect british humour. accelerates in speed & laughs. up until the sort of twee ending.

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