Dogging: A Love Story


A journo on a very sleazy mission...

The raciest thing about this mangy Brit-com is the title, as fledgling hack Dan (Luke Treadaway) decides to boost his career possibilities by investigating the dogging scene in North-East car parks.

Following his pervy flatmate (Richard Riddell) on the circuit, he’s floored to discover the possibility of real romance among the steamed-up windows with a sexually-curious student (Kate Heppell).

Despite some spunky moments and flashes of verve from newbie director Simon Ellis, Dogging limps along like a three-legged mutt, neither dirty enough to titillate smut-seekers nor sweet enough to coax rom-com lovers into overlooking the night-vision humping.

That just leaves audiences to spot the potential of Dogging’s players. Treadaway, for instance, who manages to be charismatic despite his character’s irritating smugness.

Here’s hoping Clash Of The Titans is a better vehicle for his talents than this dog’s dinner.

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