Dolphin Tale


A dolphin named Winter, whose amputated tail was replaced with a revolutionary prosthesis

This family flick benefits hugely from its core casting coup: dolphin Winter, whose amputated tail was replaced with a revolutionary prosthesis, plays herself. Loner kid Sawyer (likeable Nathan Gamble) stumbles on the injured bottlenose on a Florida beach, bonding with her and with dolphin-doctor’s daughter Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff). Predictability is inherent (we know Winter goes on to become a movie star), but an eccentric Morgan Freeman (as a prosthetics designer) counterpoints the schmaltz in a film as slick, charming and eager-to-please as a SeaWorld cetacean.

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    • matthewbrady

      Sep 14th 2014, 22:23


      Dr. Cameron McCarthy: "Just because you're hurt doesn't mean you're broken". Dolphin Tale is about a boy bonds with a dolphin who loses its tail after being caught in a crab trap. This movie was a harmless family flick with cute dolphins. People say that this is a copy and paste from free willy, but this is thing, I didn't like free willy at all, but I think this movie has a stronger message and it has better charterers. This is a harmless movie that little kids can enjoy and parents can find something good in this.

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